The Rise Of 'Double Renting': How To Live In The Countryside With An Escape Route Back To The City

Meet the London homeowners who became village tenants, who want a taste of rural life with the option to move back

The rise of double renting how to live in the countryside with an escape image

The pandemic has inspired some collective soul searching about how – and where – we live. In the last year, estate agents have reported a frenzy of buying in rural areas, while prices have been pushed up by soaring demand. But what about those who, faced with lockdowns, were not prepared to make a totally clean break?

Clare Edmondson and Brochan Watts quit the capital for the country – but kept themselves an escape route just in case it didn’t work out, by becoming “double renters”. Rather than selling their London flat, and cutting themselves off from a return to their old lives, they have rented it out and are using the proceeds to rent themselves a much larger barn conversion in the Cotswolds countryside.

“It all started right at the beginning of lockdown,” said Ms Edmondson, a TV presenter and yoga instructor. “I love London, and although we had been talking a little bit about moving – because eventually we would not want to be living in a one-bedroom flat in Stockwell – for me it was something in the distance. I was not quite ready to go. But the pandemic kind of made the decision for us.”


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