Notting Hill Property Market Dynamics and Trends: An Expert Overview

Key statistics defining Notting Hill's property market (source: Dataloft)

  • 221 transactions occurred in the past year (1 Jan’2023 to 31 Dec’2023).
  • The highest property values are £8,000,000 for a flat and £35,000,000 for a house.
  • The median property sale price for the past 12 months (1 Jan’2023 to 31 Dec’2023) was £1,443,282, with a median price per square foot of £1,473.
  • The median monthly rental price for homes from 1 Jan'23 to 31 Dec'23 was £5,729, and apartments had a median of £2,554 per month.

Notting Hill's uniqueness lies in its ability to blend history and innovation seamlessly. From its medieval heritage to its present-day vibrancy, the city exudes an aura that captivates both the local community and global investors.

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Notting Hill's Property Sales

A comprehensive look at Notting Hill's property market shows a diverse landscape over the past year. The market displays robust activity with a total sales value of £533,057,575 (source: Dataloft). The breakdown of transactions reflects varied preferences, with flats constituting 75% and houses at 25% (Source: Dataloft).

Land Registry data introduces noteworthy exceptions, spotlighting a flat achieving an impressive £8,000,000 and a house reaching an extraordinary £35,000,000. Meanwhile, the median sale price of £1,443,282 and a median price per square foot of £1,473 provide a more tempered view. Notting Hill's property market caters to a broad spectrum of investors, offering premium and accessible options that contribute to the area's distinct real estate profile.


Notting Hill's Sales Market Update

Notting Hill Sales Market Stats


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Notting Hill International Real Estate

Notting Hill's real estate potential isn't confined to local boundaries; it beckons international investors with open arms. Its distinctive blend of history, cosmopolitan lifestyle, and promising real estate opportunities attract investors from across the globe. As an iconic London neighbourhood, Notting Hill has consistently captivated the attention of high-net-worth individuals seeking a piece of this vibrant urban haven. The neighbourhood's premium property values, cultural richness, and top-tier amenities create an irresistible allure for international buyers.


Thriving Lettings Scene

The Notting Hill property lettings landscape combines dynamic preferences and promising trends. Over the past 12 months, 470 properties found occupants, with an overwhelming 89.2% of these being flats.

Here’s a closer look at the top rental choices: 1-bedroom flats led the charge, constituting 30.9% (142 properties) of the let properties. Following closely, 2-bedroom flats comprised 30.3% (139 properties), and 3-bedroom flats represented 18.74% (86 properties). The median rental price trend for the last 12 months reveals compelling figures: houses achieved a median price of £5,729 per month, while apartments held a median of £2,554 per month. This span of prices speaks to Notting Hill's versatility, offering both high-end and accessible living options for its vibrant community.

Investors with an eye for opportunities will find Notting Hill a captivating prospect. Amidst fluctuating market conditions, it’s beyond doubt that the neighbourhood has displayed remarkable resilience and growth.


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Notting Hill’s Letting Market Update

 Notting Hill Lettings Market Stats


A Lifestyle Beyond Compare

Notting Hill goes beyond being a mere location; it embodies a distinct lifestyle that resonates with both residents and visitors. For instance, the famous Portobello Market situated in the area is a lively hub of activity, offering a range of antiques, vintage finds, and unique crafts without the need for any embellishments. Notting Hill is diverse, featuring everything from trendy cafes to Michelin-starred restaurants, reflecting the neighborhood's eclectic nature in a straightforward manner. It's a culinary exploration that captures the essence of the area without unnecessary flourish.

Beyond its commercial offerings, Notting Hill boasts a cultural richness woven into everyday life. The multilingual streets and vibrant arts scene, with galleries and theaters showcasing local and international talent, illustrate a community embracing diversity and creativity in a straightforward manner. With great proximity to Hyde Park provides a natural escape from the urban hustle. Whether exploring the market, enjoying culinary delights, or soaking in cultural vibrancy, Notting Hill invites everyone to embrace its straightforward and enriching lifestyle.


​​Concluding Thought

Notting Hill emerges as a beacon of opportunity for local and global investors. Its allure for second homes and investment remains steadfast, even in the face of uncertainties. With a buoyant demand for rental flats and promising yields, Notting Hill stands poised as a prudent investment choice.

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Note: The following postcodes have been used to define Notting Hill - W11 1, W11 2, W11 3, W11 4.

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