The Documents You'll Need For International Relocation

Moving across the globe demands quite a significant engagement. To successfully relocate internationally, you need to do a lot of research and prepare as thoroughly as possible. Your skills for planning and organizing need to be excellent. There's a lot of time and money that you'll need to invest as well. One of the more critical parts is knowing what all the documents you'll need for international relocation are. Once you've gone through them and collected everything necessary, a huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders.


Hire a moving company right away

An important thing to mention is that you should hire a moving company before doing anything else related to the move. Don't wait until you've decided on the other essential things, chosen a budget, or made an inventory. It is because once you hire moving services, you'll be able to ask them whatever it is that you're unsure about. If you're still wondering about which documents you'll need to gather for an international relocation, you can consult with your movers. They're very likely to know this stuff since they've gone through the process so many times. If nothing else, they'll have someone to consult with.


Let's go over some documents you'll need for international relocation

You'd be surprised at just how many documents you'll have to collect for your international relocation. For example, moving from the States to the UK implies moving to a different continent, and obtaining a visa is a must. And that is a process in itself. So, if you wish to leave the US and settle down worry-free in the UK, you'll need to do much more than generically think of a few main documents. And even though we've compiled a list of most of the documentation you should take with you, always double-check the information. There are different rules for different countries, and you need to consider your personal case.


A visa

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If one of the documents that you'll need for the upcoming international relocation is a visa, time is of the essence. Apply as early as possible. The process is pretty lengthy, and it can get a bit complicated. Check the statistics for the specific country you're applying for. Make sure to consider the fee, as well as all the documents that you'll need to send to get the visa. Contact the local consulate for any information you might wonder about. If you wish to speed up the process, try to apply straight to the issuing office.

If one of the documents you'll need to have for your international relocation is a visa, so better get to it sooner rather than later.

A person showing another where to sign the paperwork needed for obtaining a visa.


A working permit

If you already have a job waiting for you, you'll be sorry to find out that this doesn't automatically mean you'll get a working permit. To be able to get any sort of a visa, you have to make a formal application. Although there's a bunch of paperwork involved in this document, you'll need it for your international relocation. There's also plenty of documents you'll have to submit to get the permit, so make sure that you're familiar with these rules.


A paper trail

In order to get the visa and your work permit, you need to be organized. This is true for obtaining any document you'll need for international relocation. Make sure to keep a paper trail. Keep it even after you've moved. You never know what may come up.


A passport

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If you've ever been abroad, you're surely aware that this is one of the essential documents you'll need for international relocation. If you've never done so, make sure to get an official, government-issued passport. Obtaining a passport is yet another lengthy process, so make sure to do so as early as you can. It's the most important thing you'll bring with you so be careful not to misplace or forget it.

Getting a passport isn't a piece of cake. Take the process seriously to make sure that you'll get it on time.

A passport, one of the documents you'll need for international relocation.


Personal documentation

  • A birth certificate
  • Medical records
  • School records
  • Tax records

These and possibly many more are personal documents you'll come to need for international relocation. It would be best if you checked what it is that your future country, as well as your prospective employer, will ask for.


Social security cards

Don't forget to take your social security cards if you're moving from the US. You should also be extra careful to keep them safe and hidden since they contain the nine-digit number issued by the US government. 


Travel documents for your pet/s

If you're taking your pets on this journey, make sure that you have all the documents you'll need for them. They should have their certificate of health, whatever that may be in your country.

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If you're bringing your pets along, make sure to gather their documentation for international relocation as well.

A pet in an airport waiting to be let through and travel with their owner.


Some less obvious documents

Although these documents are less obvious, you'll still need them for your international move, and they are important.

  • Your dental records
  • Driver's license
  • Adoption papers
  • Wills
  • Divorce/child custody papers
  • Pet vaccination records
  • A marriage certificate


Make sure to look at your own individual case

Whichever documents you end up needing for an international relocation, take every piece of information with a grain of salt. For any dilemmas you might face, make sure to contact professionals. No question is dumb or unnecessary.


Consider all the other documents you'll need to cover

There are also plenty of documents and different forms you'll need to fill out that are seemingly separate from the relocation. However, you should take them into consideration as well. This way, you'll manage to get more done, and you won't have to deal with it later. These documents can be anything from mortgage-related forms to changing the address to your new home. Start resolving these obligations sooner rather than later.


Think about getting a lawyer

Although most of the documents you'll need for international relocation are quite clear and you won't have much trouble understanding them, it's better to be safe than sorry. In case you're unsure about what something means, or if some details apply to you or not, you should contact professionals. Having an experienced lawyer by your side could only be beneficial.

Hopefully we have managed to answer some of your questions and resolve a few dilemmas. But if you would like to get more information or need some assistance on relocation, chat with our experts here.

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