Expertly preparing your property for sale

Expertly preparing your property for sale 1

Achieve asking price, increase viewings, and reduce survey delays by carefully preparing your property for market.

  • 22% of buyers wouldn't make an offer on a cluttered property
  • Daylight makes rooms appear larger and more inviting
  • Hiring a self-storage unit can be a solution to store bulky furniture, increasing floor space

Spring and Summer remain popular seasons to sell, with data from Rightmove finding many new listings coming on the market during March, April and May1. During these times, competition between sellers is higher, making preparing a property for sale more critical than ever.


How to prepare your house for sale

Expertly preparing your property for sale 2

There is more to preparing a house for sale than a fresh coat of paint. It's about genuinely seeing your home through someone else's eyes – possibly even a harsh critic – before investing time and money to resolve the issues. In doing so, you’ll help achieve the asking price, draw in buyers, and reduce red flags on the survey.

Once instructed, all reputable Central London Estate Agents will organise professional photographs of your home. These photos may be why a potential buyer does or does not book a viewing. Showcasing your property in the best light, using tips for getting your house ready to sell is a worthwhile approach.


Cleverly decluttering the property

Expertly preparing your property for sale 3

Research from self-storage company Big Yellow found that almost a fifth of buyers (22%) wouldn't make an offer on a property if it were too cluttered2. Decluttering should mean removing things from the property rather than storing items in cupboards. Organising storage cupboards and showcasing available space should be the priority, rather than filling it.

Maximised space can increase the sale price by as much as 11%3, so removing bulky, unused furniture could help boost profits, making it worth renting a short-term storage unit.


Take down seasonal decorations

Expertly preparing your property for sale 4

While you’re decluttering, think carefully about objects and decorations that feel seasonal or could date the property in photographs. Christmas cards, easter baskets, carved pumpkins, and birthday banners should be removed and stored before any photography commences.This will give your home year-round appeal.


Completing repairs

Expertly preparing your property for sale 5

Data from Dataloft found that 76% of people are put off the property because of cracks, marks and stains, 54% because of damaged kitchen cabinets, and 49% because of extensive mould4.

Stains and mould are red flags for your viewers and your survey. They may indicate a more significant issue – even if you know the stain is because of a fixed leak or the mould due to condensation. Take time to look around the property, inside and out, close up and from across the street. Complete any maintenance jobs to show that your property has been cared for and reduce unnecessary notes on your survey.


Making the most of natural lighting

Expertly preparing your property for sale 6

Light quality is the top point on the house viewing checklist by Which?5 Artificial light should be bright, using white LED bulbs where possible and avoiding the yellow glow that can make the room feel dark and dingy. Make the most of natural light by pulling back blinds and fully opening curtains; this will help the room feel larger and more inviting.


Let the best features stand out

Expertly preparing your property for sale 7

Every home has stand-out features that appeal directly to the buyers you’re targeting, but are yours really being displayed at their best? Over time, homeowners tend to forget about the aesthetic as they go for what’s practical: placing furniture in front of nooks or disused fireplaces, draping curtains and blinds in front of original sash windows, or carpeting over beautiful floorboards.

Take stock of your home’s original and unique features, and give them the space and attention they need to stand out to viewers at their best.


Enhancing exterior appeal

Expertly preparing your property for sale 8

The property exterior will be the first thing the viewer sees. They may see the property from across the road and up close, so it is essential to analyse the exterior from all angles. Fix and clean up guttering, check the chimney and roof for damage, cut the grass and tidy up plants, clean the windows and doors, move cars off the drive, and tidy away tools and toys.


Investing in upgrades

Expertly preparing your property for sale 9

Investing time and money in upgrading your property can help you sell your house. It might be minor upgrades of changing light switches, plug sockets and door handles or large-scale renovations of bathrooms and kitchens for maximum value. Other upgrades include new insulation, garage doors and internal doors, updated windows, and new flooring.


Your property – sold

Whether you are selling an investment property or your own home, preparing your property for sale with upgrades, decluttering, and repairs can help boost viewings and offers. Following our tips and a selling house checklist, viewers will see that the property has been well cared for and is an intelligent investment or ideal home.

For further preparation advice, or if you’d like to list your property, contact us to start a conversation.


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