Increase Your Property’s Appeal and Income With Interior Design Trends of 2024

In 2024, we’re seeing some dramatic changes in interior design trends – beige tapers off in favour of audacious and saturated colour. The shift to sustainable materials and builds ensues. Patterned statement wallpaper is back – and in surprising places.

Whether designing a newly built apartment or a character property, with the latest interior design trends, you’ll attract more viewings and bolster income. If you’re designing your home to live in, you’ll get to enjoy your styling. Then, when you come to sell, your hard work and unique property will boost interest as people easily visualise themselves living there.

In this article, we highlight the latest interior design trends that will create a cosy atmosphere in your home, make your property stand out in the market, and celebrate the past while embracing the future.

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Go Bold

Sold pastel colours, white ceilings, and white woodwork are no longer the norm. Bold single colours now saturate entire rooms, exuding an unapologetic and energetic vibe. These hues boldly cover walls, ceilings, cupboards, and furniture.

That’s not to say softer colours are completely out. The Dulux colour of 2024 is Sweet Embrace, a cool and sophisticated delicate pink hue. This delicate shade brings warmth while being a subtle stand-alone shade. Pair with dark, bold blues and greens for calm, quiet spaces, or add natural, deeper shades for warm, comforting rooms.

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Green and blue have significance in 2024 trends, according to Woman & Home’s interior colour trends spotter. Whether a splash or a saturation, these colours evoke calm, peace and tranquillity.


Your Home, Your Sanctuary

Our homes are a place to relax and unwind, but for many, also to work in. An interior design trend for the coming year is to create a sanctuary in your home. This may be finding a dedicated space to meditate, read, or relax away from workspaces and technology. Invite natural materials, soft furnishings, and a peaceful palette into your home or outdoor areas; it can become a true sanctuary.

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Delightful Decor

Wallpaper is making a comeback. But it’s not always where you’d think. Understairs cupboards, bars, cloakrooms and hallways are getting an injection of fun and surprise with stripes, loose patterns and textures, according to the latest trends report from Living Etc. Easier than ever to set up, and wonderfully resilient over time, it’s a great way to get creative with spaces, choose patterns you love and truly express yourself. Try browsing some of the amazing styles available at or the bold abstracts at Lulu & Georgia.

The bold and expressive trend continues in lighting. Large-scale fixtures and small and intricate sculpture lighting are taking the stage. While some homes control these with smart tech, others opt for classic switches and dimmers as they move away from a smart home.

Furniture designs in 2024 are taking notes from the past. This year, vintage furniture, one-off pieces, and family heirlooms have a place in your space. Tell a story with your furniture, say goodbye to “fast furniture”, and invest in items and antiques that last.


Cosy Spaces

Your home should balance looking good with making you feel good. Although colour is extremely important to a room, welcome cosy and comforting textures to create warm and inviting spaces. Bedroom decor trends this year include adding soft furniture, woven rugs, blankets, and cushions with rich textures. These touches will add warmth to any space, something that is particularly engaging to buyers and tenants.

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Your home should spark joy for you, which will for your visitors too. That’s what the dopamine decor trend is about. Outfit your home in colours, textures, patterns and items that bring you joy. There’s no wrong or right way to style this trend, making for endless design possibilities. Fill your home with things you love and create a design that is uniquely you.

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Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury is a blend of classic elegance and innovation. A popular living room decor trend of 2024, the new classic blends smart technology into design using sustainable materials. This interior design trend will revive classic design elements while embracing the modern day.


Sustainable Design

Design duo Joel Wong and Amanda Gunawan suggest a rise in sustainable materials for building and design. Natural materials such as bamboo, cork, reclaimed wood and stone all have a place in the modern home. Add textures, colour and interest with indoor plants for sustainable decor – read more about Wong and Gunawan’s take on sustainable design at their partnership OWIU.


Interior Design Trends 2024

Whether you’re collating ideas for a renovation or a decor update before selling your home, these design trends will guide you in the right direction.

From saturated bold colours to vintage furniture and statement lighting, 2024 is a year for injecting personality and character into your home.

Make your property stand out. Banish greige – and go bold.

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